Why does illegal discrimination persist nearly 50 years after the passage of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act?

Two Federal laws:
(1) Equal Opportunity in Employment
(2) Hire the most qualified

A critical component of the strategic management of human resources involves attracting, developing and retaining the highest quality workforce. Decisions regarding staffing, compensation, and other HR programs and policies are mitigated by laws regulating employment as noted in Chapter 4. There is a significant cost to organizations for noncompliance and penalties. Protected classes… (p 298)

The Dual Loyalty Dilemma for HR Managers Under Title VII Compliance, Reading 7.2 (p 325)

“To ensure that any employee allegations of unlawful discrimination were not met with any kind of employer retaliation, the Act expressly prohibits employers from engaging in any such behavior. A problem has arisen, however, because judicial interpretations of this retaliation provision have excluded managerial personnel, particularly human resource and equal employment opportunity (HR/EEO) managers, from its protection.

By excluding these managers from protection, the courts have favored management prerogatives to terminate employees perceived to be disloyal to the employer over the rights provided to employees under Title VII. Consequently, the protection Congress intended to afforded employees under Title VII has been severely undermined (p 325).”

I think life is tough enough daily without having to counter these additional hardships, yet it happens regularly based on our current legal system and knowing how to get around the laws.

I say this as the journey is to understand it is all about politics. Being able to truly ascertain the messages and be political savvy in your responses will assure a more steady employment with quality projects and promotions.  In some cases, understanding these unspoken rules are often quite painful. Being able to learn from our mistakes and apply them will help us become better leaders and managers of our own destinations.

Also see some of the issues being addressed in a 2005 released book entitled, Angry Black White Boy, by Adam Mansbach. Watch the: YouTube video URL below (example is rather interesting) and Micro-inequities that happen daily. http://www.adammansbach.com/videos.html

 Mansbach, A. (2005). Angry black white boy. New York: Crown Publishing Group a division of Random House, Inc.

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Micro-Inequities – What are they?


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Understanding the powers of Micro-inequities

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